CAPTADS: The future of digital advertising

From the papyrus scrolls and the town criers to the billboards and cluttered banners in the internet medium, Advertisements have come a long way. The core purpose of every advertisement was visibility, persuasion and encouragement to use a service or a product’s offerings. This article would bring out a new medium to cater to the teeming digital customers.

Traditional banners had their time and managed to woo the audience in the late 90’s and the early 2000’s. The ‘click through’ options and the pop ups suffered the same fate as the adage of ‘familiarity breeds contempt’. These web banners suffered from a serious problem of improper estimation of actual viewers: given the massive clutter and ubiquity of these web banners, more often than not they reflected a sense of hunger for excessive attention.
“People are clicking less and less”, says Dan Gersheson, a Chicago based digital marketing consultant.

With time, in the late 2000’s the digital users saw a sea of innovation in the form of YouTube ads, pop under ads (Similar to a Pop-Up except that the window is loaded or sent behind the current window so that the user does not see it until they close one or more active windows!), trick banner ads and other expanding ads. They were frustrating and given the monopoly of sites like YouTube these ads grew over the day and myriad products were placed. But even this was left to the user’s whims as he could easily close the ad before it loads and could resort to powerful browser features which checked the other intrusive promotional methods.

The digital ads of the future would be having the following features:
1. Aimed at a captive intention with a captivating intent
2. Minimal and only the key messages
3. Must be an accurate measure for target reach and conversion figures

Being exposed to the world of spam, I would say the solution exists in the form of Captcha-Advertising. They actually are the tools on which the user actually spends a couple of seconds reading the text and proceeding with the log in. It would be an ideal co promoting platform for any brand as here we have a case of a certain level of “focused attention”

Let’s have a look at the myriad forms of the irritating captcha which is doing the rounds. Just try reading the words!!


Let me illustrate 2 examples of a CAPTAD which will fortify my endorsements of the strangest alliances between an irritating piece of technology and the world of advertising:

Advertiser’s woes solved. Cost-per-remembrance/recall can be the financial aspect. In other words the essence is “Write it and remember it”
Brand’s name, tagline, punch line and a plethora of options can be fiddled with and the priceless Brand Recall is guaranteed!






Another innovation that is appealing to the temporal senses.

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  1. Sameer says:

    Good read. Please continue to write such stuff and keep us updated.

  2. Goutam says:

    Very nice idea….but again security issues pop into the picture. One of the important advantages of recaptcha is that the same captcha doesn’t repeat say for the next millionth time. In order to have the same randomness assigned to it, there must be typically million different types of ad’s which need to created which is impossible. If there are only 5 different ad’s showing up, the internet bots can easily break the code and access the websites giving you junks of unreliable data

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