King’s Day Out !!

From the education system to sports management, from sociology to sales and distribution…variety was the theme of the day on 29th July when Mr. Chandrabhan Singh, GM Marketing -India Cements Ltd., Business Head Chennai Super Kings, visited IIMK and indulged in a rendezvous with team mPower.

A student of economics, Mr. Singh has had a life no less eventful than that of a hitchhiker on the go. With an industry experience of 14 years, Mr. Chandrabhan Singh had a lot to share with the students at IIMK even beyond the usual marketing gyaan.

As team mPower interacted with him in an informal interview of sorts, Mr. Singh threw light upon the various aspects of marketing such as acknowledging the contribution of the last person in the value chain, the social impact of sports marketing and his take on the existing flaws in the Indian management education system. Watch him speak about all this and more in the video interview

Part 1: ” Of course management education per se is about managing men, but it teaches you to channelize the thought process ”

Mr. Chandrabhan Singh – Part 1

Part 2: “Sports builds character, it teaches humility and give and take”

Mr. Chandrabhan Singh – Part 2

Part 3: “You cant be a marketer without doing a sales job”

Mr. Chandrabhan Singh – Part 3


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