Marketing with fun

Have you ever imagined a Tupperware box being used as an alternative to pass messages to a pretty girl in class? Or a hair clip being used to slurp noodles in the mess for the lack of forks and spoons?

Well, the companies that market these should have indeed paid a visit to IIM K on 12th July, 2014, to witness the wacky, innovative alternatives of objects as mundane as buckets & a sweat-shirts. MAD Ads (brought to the students of IIMK by none other than mPower, of course), an event that encouraged budding marketers to come up with unconventional, non-traditional (and as many words with the prefix ‘non’ and ‘un’ that you can think of), something that left the coordinators wondering if they would ever use these products again. Why so? Well, some things can’t be disclosed. You need to witness them to relate to them.
2 rounds of fun, creativity (and of course a rationale)- MAD Ads witnessed it all. From inventing jingles for L’Oreal Noodles, Mortein Bread & Bajaj Nail Polish, to developing an entire ad for a nontraditional use of handkerchiefs & buckets, these 12 teams from PGP18 did everything for the spirit of their section.


But, if all this makes you feel mPower is just a fun-place to be, think again. We do have our share of serious business & through BrandPower we reiterated the same. 6 teams battled out to give an effective branding strategy for the 3 flagship events on campus: Echoes, Backwaters & Calicut Marathon.

Right from Kotler’s basic STP strategies to elucidating the budget for advertising – the teams fought out to develop the right branding strategy for these events.

We’re sure these events not just ignited the marketer in all the participants & spectators, but were also instrumental in waking up the child & the CEO in them.

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