With the festive season around, mPower brings to you a set of heart-warming & meaningful Diwali-related advertisements that will leave you yearning to spend time with your family.


Diwali is here and for all those people who live away from their parents due to their work or any other reason have an excuse to run back home. You don’t need an excuse to go home, do you? But, life can sometimes become so tangled up that we forget the things that matter most to us, our parents.

Pepsi has made a very emotional short film, albeit a bit long at 7 minutes 15 seconds, but this is one video that you can spare your time because it is worth it. A small drama of sorts that happens year after year during the festive season of Diwali when parents yearn for the love that wish to share with their ‘grown up’ kids while their kids may not always appreciate them and their simple demand of spending time together on Diwali.

This video won’t make you sob but it will surely instil the feeling that your parents feel you delay meeting them citing work or parties or family issues. You can always make time for your parents and you should go meet them more often then you do. Watch the video and enjoy the spirit of Diwali and love.

The new Pepsi-Kurkure – Ghar Wali Diwali Ad





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