Festive Marketing during Diwali

With the vibrancy of the Diwali season seen almost everywhere, there is huge competition among companies to increase their sales irrespective of their products and marketplaces. Festive marketing is the strategy used for marketing during festive seasons where emotional buys are the focal point of festive marketing. Ad campaigns, Discounts and Offers are the prevalent traditions of festive marketing which results in surge in sales. mPower brings you the most popular ad campaigns this festive season.


This short film campaign by Pepsi-kurkure will surely instill the feeling that your parents feel you delay meeting them citing work or parties or family issues. Diwali is here and for all those people who live away from their parents due to their work or any other reason have an excuse to run back home. You don’t need an excuse to go home, do you? But, life can sometimes become so tangled up that we forget the things that matter most to us, our parents. Pepsi has made a very emotional short film, albeit a bit long at 7 minutes 15 seconds, but this is one video that you can spare your time because it is worth it. A small drama of sorts that happens year after year during the festive season of Diwali when parents yearn for the love that wish to share with their ‘grown up’ kids while their kids may not always appreciate them and their simple demand of spending time together on Diwali.


Rigorous ad-campaigns are also taking place in e-commerce landscape with big e-commerce players like Snapdeal and Flipkart playing their part. With big billion day by Flipkart and counter strategy by snapdeal has brought healthy competition in this space with e-commerce wars. E-commerce players are leaving no chance to capitalize the markets this Diwali. Snapdeal comes up with 1 + 1 offers this season. The roles of comedy nights with Kapil i-e dadi(Ali asgar) and Manju sharma(Sumona) are well portrayed in this ad to communicate the 1+1 offer by snapdeal.


Tanishq, a jewelry brand of Tata group has come up with a campaign of “Sunehri Diwali” as people feel auspicious to buy jewelry during the festive season. The new campaign is set in a typical Indian household on Diwali day. A 25-year-old boy walks up to his mother’s room with a tiny golden pendant that he has purchased. He has bought it for his mother with his first Diwali bonus. But as soon as he steps in, he sees that his father has just gifted her a large, beautiful necklace. Seeing the excitement on her face, the boy begins to have second thoughts about his own gift. For a moment, he doubts whether his mother will even like the tiny pendant he has bought, sensing how happy she is on receiving a large ornamental piece. He somehow musters up the courage and presents the gift to his mother that has been bought with his Diwali bonus. Taken aback, she walks up to him slowly and looks closely at the pendant. Without holding back her emotions, she wishes her son a ‘Happy Diwali.’ He too rejoices with the feedback, and realizes that his doubt about his gift was unfounded. For his mother, the little pendant was the biggest and most precious gift that she could receive – a fact that is evident on her face when she tries it on.


As sweets are the integral part of Diwali festival, “Sugar Free Natura” the low calorie Sugar substitute connects it with Diwali sweets. At the backdrop of lighting and diyas, Sanjeev Kapoor as the central role of ad makes it more appealing where he pitches to celebrate Diwali with family and sweets by making it with Sugar free natura. Sugar free- a product of Zydus wellness has also made such kind ad campaigns earlier this year during Holi.


As it’s the season of holidays and people spend maximum time at home, the Television players are targeting at improving their viewership this season. Star Gold comes with the unique campaign of Diwali bonus, as Diwali bonus is common across most organizations, which connects the people at a large. By watching movies in Star Gold and playing contests one can be eligible for the gifts and prizes, which is so called “Diwali Bonus”. The campaign starts with a Bhajan where people pray for Diwali bonus and Star Gold fulfills their wishes by gifting with prizes.

Time is a precious thing yet we don’t realise it until it is lost upon us. In this digital age dominated by screens of varying sizes, little do we realise how time passes by between work, home and information consumption. With the constant notifications, the urgent emails coupled with the impulsive nature to capture every moment and share with our social connections, one often forgets to spend uninterrupted quality time with their loved ones. The ad concept is based on the lovely moments of a young couple. This festive season of Diwali, Titan Watches is on a mission urging consumers to gift the ‘Gift of Time’ to the people who matter. Through a campaign called ‘This Diwali gift time’, the brand has launched an ad film. The commercial is set in a city close to the Eiffel Tower. A happy Kalki is staring away into the brightly lit horizon set against the Eiffel Tower, from her terrace top and enjoying the Diwali celebrations happening close by. She is soon joined by Akhil who notices the celebrations and the Eiffel tower and proceeds to capture it on his mobile phone. As he continues to click a picture of her, Kalki gets miffed and asks him what she must do to get his undivided attention. He says she gifted him the phone, to which she replies with the question, would he gift her his time if she were to gift him time? The confusion clears soon when Akhil realizes she has slipped a watch onto his wrist and he says yes. The commercial ends with the line, ‘lamho ka taufa, apno ke liye’.


In this new Diwali ad film by KitKat India, which the chocolate brand is referring to as the Diwali Music Video 2014, you will see four minutes of pure storytelling featuring someone who is really millions of miles away from home – an astronaut. The four minute film is set inside a spacecraft where things are floating along with a young female astronaut. She is missing her family and makes it a point to peep outside when the spacecraft moves over India. As the days and months pass by, you see a sad astronaut away from home, but fulfilling her dream. She is seen touching through a soft board containing photos and other memories of her loved ones. A song with Hindi lyrics relating to the scenario starts playing alongside. The story moves on till it is Diwali day finally. She receives a package from home with a KitKat inside it. While she takes a bite from the floating KitKat, she peeps out to look at the earth again. The whole of India is brightly lit up, bringing a big smile to her face.


Campaigns for conservation and increasing cost consciousness among consumers have resulted in spiraling demand for energy efficient lighting solutions. Consumers are looking for options to cut cost at every opportunity available. Havells brings LED Lighting, saves up to 85% energy, and helps you save money so you all would have a Happy LEDiwali. Campaign starts with a character known as Complain khanna who comes to the power distribution company to gift LED so that they reduce their electricity bills. Complain khanna is known for complaining about high billing rates in his office to the power company.As Diwali is the festival of lights, this is the Best time to come up with the campaign for new product line of LED lights of the company.

 Indian Super Leaguehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ClHap-aG54

The Indian Super League is to football what the Indian Premier League is to cricket. The league runs from October to December, with the finals series determining the champion. And October is also having Diwali this year. So the team blended football with Diwali to create this amazing one-minute promotional video called ‘Yeh Diwali Football wali’. Set against the grounds in front of a brightly lit palace, it features international footballers like Del Piero, Luis Garcia, Pires, Ljungberg, Silvestre, Trezeguet, Capdevila and David James display their football fireworks. The footballers are seen performing some amazing antics like kicking the ball amidst crackers and shooting the ball through fire hoops. One of the footballer also shouts ‘Yeh Diwali Football wali’, from which the film gets its name.


With the aim to go big the chocolate and food gifting category in India, Cadbury has rolled out a new ad film for its Celebrations line of chocolates.  The film’s protagonist is a young army officer who is unable to get in touch with his family during Diwali. He is surrounded by his friends who seem concerned. As they talk amongst themselves, the protagonist’s family surprises him by showing up – with a box of Cadbury Celebrations chocolates. It is revealed that his peers were in on the surprise visit. Lighthearted exchanges follow, as do moments of celebration.The film ends with the voice over saying, “Is Diwali, khushiya le chalo”.

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