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mPower Blog – A forum for IIM K fraternity to voice their opinions and views on the world of marketing.

The blog is maintained by mPower – the Marketing Interest Group at IIMK which is one of the most popular and highly subscribed IGs. The IG works to forward interest in the Marketing vertical among students. It serves as a conduit, channeling the positive marketing vibes we get from the students.

Driven by its motto: “Marketing. Everything.”, mPower strives to stimulate and encourage marketing interest amongst the students of IIM Kozhikode. To that end, mPower members meet regularly to share, discuss and analyze important developments in the domain of marketing.

mPower conducts various activities including gyaan sessions, company reviews and summers experience discussions. In addition, Konsume – the monthly newsletter is released which covers the latest know-how from the marketing world. KMIC, Kozhikode Marketing Intelligence Club, also comes under the purview of mPower. It is an initiative targeted at marketing enthusiasts who are certified as analyst after a series of rigorous tasks.

This year, mPower’s focus will be on a string of events and competitions. These events will strive to introduce students to marketing concepts and give them exposure to the continually evolving domain of marketing through a highly interactive platform. mPower will also organize some workshops for the new batch to develop their interest in marketing. Some other creative and unique ideas are in the incubation stage and will materialize soon.

The Faculty coordinator of mPower is Prof. Omkumar Krishnan (Associate Professor, Marketing Management, IIMK)

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