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mpower_KRRRajendran, or KRR, as he’s better known, believes that his biggest achievement till date was when one of his jigs was copied by Rajnikanth. He is believed to have scheduled his assignments, including \m/Power’s activities, according to the Thalaiva movie premiers. Not a sport enthusiast in particular, it was the fierce Basketball match between IIMK and IIMB during Sangram that inspired him to get a coaching in Basketball. The former Mr. IIT Patna believes that this would help him garner his ‘dude status’ and not to forget the female attention (after all 54% is not a small number) that is showered up on most sportsmen on Kampus. All we can is but hope that we have the privilege to witness the legendary jig by our KRR in Sangram this year and perhaps see him shake a leg or two to Rajnikanth’s famous numbers on the Basketball court.

mpower_KavitaThe kid on the block, Kavita, used to believe that ‘Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai’ was the only sitcom on TV, and her favourite one too, before she got introduced to ‘Seinfeld’ last year. She is known on campus for leaving the remaining 5 participants in a Roobaroo JAM contest speechless for a full 25 seconds. This was before they realized that it was a Sanskrit verse that she was reciting. Her greatest achievements include making it to \m/Ployed: The Junior \m/Power after her 1st attempt for the same was an outright reject. Dedication, she says (over-enthusiasm, we say) to \m/Power’s activities was what brought her into the team. A passionate writer (she blogs on, as she markets herself, her most significant contribution to \m/Power is posting Amul print ads on our FB page.

mpower_VenuVenu, our Editor Sahiba, is the only student of IIM K who prefers to remain InsideIIM ( It is reported that our very own Gujju damsel refused to step out of IIM for 4 months after her first visit to Sangamam left her in a state of shock for the unavailability of ‘dhoklas’ and ‘theplas’(read vegetarian food). A shy singer, she is known for her bizarre ability to weave NaMo into all her CP stints. A trained Bharatnatyam dancer, she believes that everybody must get a sneak peek into her personal diary ( The CEO of \m/Power, she puts in all her Lessons in Marketing Excellence for the success of \m/Power’s activities. Our sources claim that she was last seen raising her right arm awaiting a salute from us. ‘Hail Hitler!’, we say.

mpower_aparna1If it were not for the grueling schedule which forces her to spend long hours in the library, the sports-loving Aparna would be found practicing throw-ball on the college grounds. The ‘Dance Queen’ of IIM K, she can put many a Michael Jacksons to shame. Otherwise keeping a low profile, she is ‘the’ dancer who would grab your attention when on stage. It was her exceptional dancing skills that once made the other dancers forget their steps as they tried to match their steps with hers. Usual campus hearsay, she calls it. The ‘Daily Marketer’ of \m/Power, as we call her, it is believed that it was her meticulous preparation for \m/Power’s selection tasks that made her a clear winner in every GD. Usual campus hearsay, we call it.


What is the reason behind the grand success of \m/Power’s events? Our designer dada, Anuj. The ‘bottleneck’ of \m/Power, he is the most inevitable part of \m/Power as none of the events can be floated without him designing a poster for them. There have been several instances when \m/Power had to postpone events thanks to his capricious nature. Had it not been for his marketing tactics (which he claims to be far surpassed as compared to NaMo’s), \m/Power would have never been what it is today. Sports at IIMK is synonymous to this lanky fellow who more often than not will be spotted on the football ground. Termed as the ‘Most intellectual student’ back during his graduation days, he is interested in just three things here at K – Football, Late-night walks and of course, his ‘attractive’ companions who accompany him for those walks.

BomIf what he claims is to be believed, the logo of ‘Thums Up’ is none other than Aashirwad Bom’s thumb (Well, pronouncing his surname is a task in itself). No wonder his reply on Whatsapp, Facebook, or wherever he gets a chance to is (y). He always makes it a point to give us advice for conducting \m/Power’s activities which are seldom (un)heard. But then again, how can any activity commence without ‘Aashriwaad’? Known as the ‘Gyaan Guru’, he is believed to put many a great marketers to shame with his marketing prowess. His hobby is to go for long bike-rides, whether with that special someone (his mobile phone, for those who thought otherwise) or not, remains an unresolved mystery for Sherlock Holmes as well.

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